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Stocks Soar After Fed Announce Open Ended QE

edited March 23 in Other Investing
Hopefully ... This will stop Big Money from running the little investor from the market through continued shorting and selling pressure. Now ... Watch the shorts run for cover!

And, for a look at the Futures.


  • Well. More of a soft belly flop so far.
  • edited March 24
    A little better than an hour before the markets open in the States this morning with stock futures being nicely up accross the board and with the VIC and US Treasury's trending down. (Stocks up ... bonds down).

    Thanks @Sevn for pointing out the typo ... VIC should read as VIX.
  • This time for sure. ;-)
  • I wonder what the Russian assets who run Zerohedge think of the current crisis? I wonder what Putin thinks of the Russian assets he invested in at Zerohedge?
  • @Old_Skeet, do you mean VIX instead of VIC ?

    Market is up in hoping the $2 trillion QE package will pass this week.
  • Market is up in hoping the $2 trillion QE package will pass this week.
    I wonder if this will be a classic case of buy the rumor, sell the news, at least initially.
  • Maybe not- there's going to be so many gift packages in that legislation that it will take some time to be fully assimilated and the possible ramifications understood.
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