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Heather Cox Richardson re: The 'CARES' Act

edited March 28 in Off-Topic
"March 27, 2020 (Friday)
Today the House of Representatives passed the Senate’s massive coronavirus relief and stimulus bill, the CARES Act. This $2.2 trillion bill is an attempt to address the massive economic dislocation caused by the pandemic now convulsing America. Lots of people have written to me to ask about all the “pork” that Democrats demanded in this bill and how they were playing with Americans’ lives for their own interests. This, once again, is Republican messaging, not reality.

Remember, this is the third of three relief bills. The first two originated in the House of Representatives, and there was remarkably little complaint about them. The first, the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020 (H.R. 6074) provided $8.3 billion to provide money for medical supplies, treatments for Covid-19, and vaccines. It was written as a bipartisan bill, it received bipartisan support, and it was signed into law.

The second, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201), provided basic support for ordinary Americans in this crisis, providing for coronavirus testing, paid leave under certain circumstances, and food security and unemployment benefits. This bill, too, was bipartisan, passing the House by a vote of 363 to 40, with 140 Republicans and 223 Democrats voting in favor of it.

And now we have the third major piece of legislation designed to combat the medical and economic crisis created by the novel coronavirus. The Coronavirus Aid, Recover, and Economic Security Act (CARES) (H.R. 748), passed by a voice vote on Friday, and the president signed it Friday night. The writing and passage of this bill is a little complicated, so bear with me if you want to understand the accusations that Democrats were manipulating it, and ignore this if you’re not interested."

The Remainder of the blog post


  • msf
    edited March 28
    " Lots of people have written to me to ask about all the “pork” that Democrats demanded in this bill ..."

    Further down, her writing reveals that "pork" is literally in the bill: "There was money for the ... Agriculture Department to grade beef and pork ...".

    My kidding aside, in the post she writes that: "Trump issued a signing statement saying he would ignore the law’s provisions for an independent inspector general overseeing the disbursal of funds for corporate bailouts."

    Here's more on that from the NYTimes:

    Trump Suggests He Can Gag Inspector General for Stimulus Bailout Program
  • Of course he would. He wants money for his hotels, resorts, casino's and golf courses. I also bet that the first check written is to him. I have no proof. Just me ranting on this seemingly never ending nightmare of a presidential administration and the yugest, bigliest POS in charge.

  • Trump Suggests He Can Gag Inspector General for Stimulus Bailout Program

    Unrelenting, constant, never-ending barrage of STOOPID and UNETHICAL. JEEZUZ!!!!
  • edited March 29
    He ignored the Puerto Ricans after hurricane devastation and nearly nobody resisted.
    He separated and caged children on the US-Mexican border and nearly nobody resisted.
    He abandoned our friends the Kurds and left them to die and nearly nobody resisted.
    Tell me, is anyone taking notice yet? Resist! Your fate is in his hands if you don't.
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