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Your favorite Dividend Paying Funds

edited May 22 in Fund Discussions
Anyone have a list of dividend paying funds they recommend?
Fundamentals are more complex than they seem.

One of the simplest, yet most overlooked, stock market fundamentals is the dividend yield. Dividends are actual cash flows being paid out by corporations into the hands of investors.

You can’t fake, manipulate or fudge a dividend payment by hiring a talented CPA.

Dividends also happen to be one of the most resilient features of the stock market over the long-term.

A little bumpy at times but the real growth rate of 2.1% over the rate of inflation over the last 100 years is impressive.

That doesn’t sound like much but the inflation rate over this time frame was just shy of 3%. So nominal dividends have grown at an annual rate of roughly 5% since 1920.



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