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Texas Governor Closes Bars

edited June 26 in Off-Topic
Story: “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a new executive that will force bars to close. The order will also shut down rafting or tubing businesses and limit public gatherings to 100 people or fewer unless they get approval”

In Better Days:


  • Florida has moved in that direction too. It will be interesting to see what the Jacksonville situation is like in late August when the Republicans plan to have their get together there....

  • edited June 26
    Although most liquors stores still open until 9p except Sundays...
    All major shopping centers restaurants also opened, Police departments are opened. traffic heavy as usual near Austin areas
    Hospitals icu around 70 80% capacities. Many beds still open according to St Luke's/ Memorial/ and Methodists hospitals systems

    We went to restaurants was so busy
    Many folks mingles with friends families at many tables. Business as usual. Think mask compliance probably 90%

    Think everyone may be getting last one before the road, before we are forced to shut down or wear masks in public places

  • The liquor has nothing to do with it. It's simply people being stupid.
  • NY State has issued a travel ban... we don't want your germs. Not at all sure how this would be enforced.
    The state has implemented a travel ban which began last night at midnight. All travelers entering New York from a state with a positive test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents, or higher than a 10% test positivity rate, over a seven-day rolling average, will be required to quarantine for a period of 14 days consistent with Department of Health regulations for quarantine. This ban includes NY State residents who travel to one of the states and return to their home in NY. In addition, if an employee has a guest in their home from the current list of states on the NY travel ban, they will be required to quarantine for 14 days. We expect employees to inform their supervisor, HR or EHS if they are required to quarantine.
    Employees quarantined as a result of the travel ban will be required to use PTO or take the time off unpaid, unless they are able to perform their job remotely while in quarantine.
    Currently, the states included in the travel ban are: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas
  • California may soon need to be added to that list. Short of roadblocks on every highway crossing a NY state border how on earth would you ever enforce that? And even with such roadblocks all someone need say is "I'm coming from Nebraska". Sounds like mostly huffery and puffery.
  • Ask Ron DeSantis:
    I, RON DESANTIS, as Governor of Florida, ... hereby direct all persons who enter the State of Florida from an area with substantial community spread, to include the New York Tri-State Area (Connecticut, New Jersey and New York), to isolate or quarantine for a period of 14 days from the time of entry into the State of Florida or the duration of the person's presence in the State of Florida, whichever is shorter.
    State of Florida Executive Order 20-82

    See also earlier Executive Order 20-80 that only applied to those arriving by air.

    Did I forget to mention those driving ("by roadways") to Florida from Louisiana? Executive Order 20-86.

    It seems that Mr. "not a civilian" has decided not to defy NJ's travel ban after all. I'm so disappointed - I was hoping to hear chants of "lock him up":-)
  • The Florida ban against the Tri-state area was back when NY City was at it's peek, back in March. At the time Mario Cuomo called it political and objected to that policy. How things change. The Fla. governor now has the same stance saying the NY ban is retaliatory.
  • msf
    edited June 26
    My point was that the mechanics of such a restriction weren't questioned then, whether travel was by air, roadway, or cruise ship. Anything different now?

    "Mario Cuomo called it political".
    Trump is right, there will be voting from the graveyard:-)
  • "My point was that the mechanics of such a restriction weren't questioned then"

    I sure as heck "questioned then"... same as now.
  • edited June 26
    As Cases Surge, Pence Insists the Country Has Made “Truly Remarkable Progress.”

    I think he already realizes he’s not going to be on the ticket.
  • Old_Joe said:

    "My point was that the mechanics of such a restriction weren't questioned then"

    I sure as heck "questioned then"... same as now.

    You posted some excellent information about COVID just around the time that DeSantis started toying with the idea of banning flights, for example:

    I'm sorry that I don't recall posts on the pragmatics of quarantining travelers into Florida. They must not have been as memorable:-)

    Checking back now, it seems that DeSantis proposed a travel ban on March 14. His quarantine executive order of March 23 in lieu of a travel ban may have been because a ban would likely have been ruled unconstitutional, as was Kentucky's in May. In any case, on March 14, DeSantis mused that
    if someone wants to get in their car and come to Florida, it's going to be hard for us to seal off the state."

    Nevertheless DeSantis subsequently issued executive orders regulating travel via cars. And he implemented them with checkpoints on I-95 for New Yorkers and I-10 for Louisianans.

    If NY wants to know how to throttle traffic coming in on I-95 from Florida, it can consult Chris Christie (Bridgegate).
  • @msf: Let me clarify on that- I also don't recall any particular postings here regarding that aspect- was likely just dinner conversations with my wife.
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