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Maybe need to load up on cash/Cd?

edited June 27 in Off-Topic

So many sentinel events out there

Cash maybe king now
Think dows headed towards 12000 levels in 3 _4 wks few months?

American appears not doing well presently

New tropical storms in Atlantic
Covid issues - not many Americans abide to stay home orders as recommended by Dr Fauci
Civil unrests
WW3 on the horizon due to Covid issues?


  • edited June 27
    johnN said:
    So many sentinel events out there
    Cash maybe king now
    Think dows headed towards 12000 levels in 3 _4 wks?

    John, I fail to see how an article about various global tension points relates to going 100% to cash.
    The world has been awash with “tension points“ at least since the Roman Empire. (Do they teach history in schools anymore?)

    Yes, the Dow at 12,000 is possible - but not likely IMHO. In 3-4 weeks? Surely you jest. But if it did hit 12,000 again I’d not only “back up the truck“. I’d buy an even bigger truck so I could haul away more.

    What this all highlights is the risk of moving money around on a near daily basis based on a reading of what passes as “news.” There ought to be a loud disclaimer prominently displayed on every brokerage / fund company’s trading page: “Consider carefully before proceeding! This action may be harmful to your financial health.”
  • Experts who say Earth is Falling, should short the market if they believe in what they are saying.
  • edited June 27
    I talked to merrilledge advisor, they strongly recommended to stay the course and keep DCA /keep up with our plans. COVID-19 could be short term issues (3-6 months????)....once 2nd recovery ( reignited ) take place, market maybe heading toward greens again.

    hopefully we won't see 3rd wave in winter..
  • It's my impression that the experts are saying that the earth is warming, not falling.
  • Howdy folks,

    Actually, I just moved a bit from US cash to Int'l cash. As I said, just a bit on the margin, but the dollar is starting to smell.

    and so it goes,


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