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anti-contrarian lesson (?)

It is the biggies which have been doing all the talking


  • Very interesting. Thanks for sharing, David.
  • entirely welcome

    jclements does some interesting and reliable curation, I find

    I read halfway through it and figured it would start to make an argument for say RSP ... but then it veered more back toward 'go w the flow'
  • And therein lies a problem. Outside of the broad message,"diversify so that you don't miss the 'good' stocks", I'm not sure he's clear himself on what he's trying to say.

    FWIW, the Bessembinder paper he cites compares individual stock performance with both value- (cap-) weighted and equal-weighted portfolios.
  • thinking when I dive back in I will include some RSP, regardless
  • Instead of diving in, @davidrmoran, maybe start by wading in. LOL
    Stay Safe, Derf
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