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Perpetual Buy/Sell/Why Thread



  • I like GOAU. By dips, sell rips.
  • Going to ride the wave - Trump will be the ultimate winner - from Stop the count to count every vote to litigations in courts and count-recount etc. the Republican controlled State legislatures will decide on the future President - Tramp now but Trump soon. I put an order to buy some growth stocks PHSKX & PSGAX and sell my bond funds.
  • Are you 100% correct, but for the wrong reason? Best of luck.
  • edited November 2020
    Sold one spec position PIEQX opened last March. It hurt to sell, but it’s up quite a bit from time of purchase. Global markets are screaming hot today. I still retain a small spec position in DODFX which I bought more recently. It’s loaded with financials and stands to outperform if rates continue to rise - a big IF. Also moved some cash into a new inflation indexed fund (TLDTX) as noted on another thread.

  • Bought some APR 21 call options on Americold for a very lowball amount. They're a low-paying REIT but pretty much the only name in public REIT-space specializing in refrigerated/cold storage stuff ... call it a speculative play on the vaccine.
  • Good afternoon

    Didn't think that anericold did storage for vaccines etc. Only food. Not sure I could be incorrect.

    Do know that thermofisher. TMO. Mfgs fridges that can store vaccines at low temps


    Baseball fan
  • Bought GOLD on 11/9
  • edited November 2020
    I made two partial exchanges today to tamp down a bit of risk.
    My domestic/foreign stock allocation did not change materially.

    Roth IRA

    S&P 500 CIT >>> MIEIX
  • Do know that thermofisher. TMO. Mfgs fridges that can store vaccines at low temps
    ThermoFisher has been a long time holding in PRWCX. A nuts and bolts approach to gain exposure to health care sector.

    Trimmed equity a bit and increase cash position. COVID-19 situation has worsen in US while Europe is several weeks ahead with curfews imposed. Now is a critical time as holidays season is here until people would avoid large gatherings. I can see we will retest past March situation again.
  • Winter will be grim but the pandemic's end is in sight, and all sorts of economic data is looking promising (housing starts, car sales, plus lots of money in savings accounts). I've been steadily buying and am now up to 80% equities. I mostly bought VDIGX and GPRIX, but that has to do with gaps in my portfolio than with any bets on what part of the market will do best.

    Lots can go wrong, and the market can always drop 10-15% for no particular reason, but I think a bad winter is the base assumption now, already priced in.

    Then again, I'm also at least hopefully 15 years from retirement and just got a raise, so I can sock away about a third of my salary going forward. If I were retired, as many posters here are, I would be more conservative.
  • Added another big annual chunk to PRBLX since it went ex-distribution yesterday.
  • Year end cleanup:

    Sold T for tax purposes. I'll take a capital gains loss but I'm fairly certain I can repurchase the shares next year at the same or possibly lower cost.

    Added to my ARK stable by buying a small position in ARKF. Strictly a small bet on Ms. Woods thesis for digital transactions.
  • As I am getting close to retirement next year, I will complete conversion of DSEEX to PHSKX & VLAAX (reason - DSEEX March 2020 performance, too volatile).
  • @kings53man: you were not the only one who bailed on DSEEX last spring.
  • Since the slump start, 2/21, as good a checkpoint as any, not seeing a reason for any of these over VONE, except that MIEIX sure is a recent winner. (Or, indeed, for dip shallowness, much over AOR, which outdoes VLAAX.) VDIGX has big dip plus subpar performance td. DSEEX has the biggest dip of all, that bond sauce fail.
  • Yesterday and today:

    In my more actively managed account ...

    Bought medium-sized positions in PFE, VOD, MGGIX (soft closed today; I wanted a global stock fund that was concentrated & agile)

    Initiated position in BUG (Cybersecurity ETF) - only partly filled so far. ;/

    Added to BCE.

    In my long-long term account ...

    Sold OXY and some T for TLH purposes there.

    Although I remain heavily invested in equities, I'm still working at drawing down that cash pile as opportunities present.
  • edited January 2021
    Year-end portfolio tinkering.

    Me thinks perhaps the market forces the Fed unleashed in March 2020 will continue to play out in 2021 as vaccines get distributed. With that in mind, a couple of "exotic" funds were added to the fund portfolio.

    Bond Pot: Added SVARX. Sold PFOAX. Pot includes PTIAX, PONAX, RCTIX, SVARX, IOFIX. IOFIX will probably be eliminated as it continues to recover in 2021 (replace with GIBLX or ?).

    Mixed I Pot: Added GBLMX. Sold HBLAX. Pot includes VWINX, GBLMX, DHHIX, PFANX, TRECX.
  • Adding to MWFSX, HMEAX and TMSRX. Boring, but hopefully consistent.

    Adding to CLIX as I shave down my RLSFX.

  • @davfor - that SVARX is an interesting beast. What's up with the monstrous e.r for a bond fund? Lots of trading costs?
  • edited January 2021
    @Mark It seems likely that is at least partly due to it being a fund of funds. Here are the top holdings per M*. Also, per M* turnover is currently 389%. So, they keep active with their fund trading. That helped last winter.

    Per their fact sheet "By using liquid investment products, opportunities can be seized and risk can be managed effectively." A "Monthly Strategy Focus Report" I got from them indicated their actively invested portfolio percent changed from 86.45% on 10/31 to 178.98% on 11/20!

    Per M*:

    Top 9/30/20 Holdings............................% Portfolio

    Fidelity® Inv MM Fds Government .............40.83
    AlphaCentric Income Opportunities ...........15.81
    BlackRock High Yield Bond Instl.................14.15
    Recv Nuveen Prf Secs Inc...........................13.79
    Pimco Govt Mm Instl..................................10.55
    Braddock Multi-Strategy Income Instl........10.36
    Eaton Vance Floating.................................10.3
    Columbia Mortgage Opportunities Inst3.....10

    M* Link

    Fact Sheet
  • @davfor - thank you. It's done remarkably well.

    Fun day today. I added to ARKF & ARKG and I opened new positions in DIVO & WEC all of which I'll probably come to regret over the next few months. I think the ARK funds will continue to bear fruit although not like last year and DIVO replaces DGRO in my portfolio. WEC is a true addition and it struggled last year but it's a solid utility company.
  • I'm glad no MFOer paid attention to what I wrote about Distillate Capital ETFs because the ask prices are not being inflated by purchases of the big machers who post here. I have a couple of toes in the domestic version.
  • I purchased ICLN (Clean energy) and GS on Tuesday before the Ga. election.
  • Buying a few shares of a recently born ETF "HEGD" from Swan Global Investments just to keep on my radar. I believe its their only ETF. We shall see if it does its job.

    "HEGD aims to address long-term investors’ need for capital appreciation while hedging against the risks and volatility associated with today’s often volatile markets. This differentiated solution combines the benefits of low-cost, passive investing with an actively managed hedging strategy."

  • Added to existing positions in
    Vlsax, virtus kar long short
    Tmsrx, t rowe multi
    Arttx, artisan focus
    Pvcmx, palm valley

    New position
    Trgvx, t rowe global value equity

    Iqdax, q infinity,. Got scared. Too black boxey for me at larger position

    Rosox, tonsure overseas
    Tbills and 5 year CD s

    Good luck and good health to all

    Stop the crazy

    Baseball Fan

  • "...

    Stop the crazy

    Baseball Fan"

    Stop the nuts from attacking our Democracy in Washington, or stop the crazy markets from blowing huge asset bubbles?
  • Stop the crazy meaning everything...who in their right mind thought you could just waltz into the Capital and not learn the meaning of consequences...who thought we would have a break down in law and order...(I see where Macy's just announced pull out of Water Tower Place on Mag Mile, Chicago after being there 45 years...can you say no more looters and thugs in our stores please...ah but the tax monies!)...defund the police, crazy...police not letting up off a subdued suspect's neck, crazy...Tesla...Bitcoin....asset bubbles....folks thinking the virus is fake...

    Honestly, I told the wife the other day...I don't know what to think anymore...

    Here's to a saner, safer, more rational world and good health and good luck to all in 2021!

    Baseball Fan
  • @Baseball_Fan: your spell checker just produced a howler: « tonsure overseas. » I’m sure Laura Geritz at Rondure does not want you to get a haircut as the result of buying her fund. OTOH, we should be aware of all possible pitfalls when we invest, even that of a fund manager showing up with scissors and a straight razor.
  • Doh, apologies my bad

    Does sound like a good name for a fund though... tonsure funds!

    Baseball Fan
  • edited January 2021
    @Baseball_Fan I know what to say: The police in the nation may, rightfully or not, have their twit in a twaddle but if that means they don't have to do their taxpayer paid jobs, then they should take their twit to the twaddle hole instead of putting those very taxpayers in jeopardy while they twaddle on the job.
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