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  • But it was the Fed’s guidance that markets found dovish. In the Fed’s latest projections, core inflation is expected to stay low and not reach the Fed’s 2% target until 2023. At the same time, the job market is expected to improve to the point where unemployment is at 4% in 2023, below the longer run rate of 4.1%.
    Who is going to be hiring these people to do what?
  • yup. Maybe they're hoping that Covid is gone, beaten.
  • edited September 17
    There will be a vaccine in the next 6 months and it will be a requirement for hiring. Plenty of businesses will need staffing. In 2023 COVID-19 will be forgotten.
  • With nearly 200K deaths in the US alone I highly doubt that Covid-19 will ever be forgotten. What I hope the experience does is bring to the forefront an emphasis on trusting the scientific community to do all that they have trained, worked for and devoted their lives to and preparing us for the next event. If nothing else the current response to Covid-19 is a textbook example of all the things that we shouldn't have done.

    Can an employer legally require an employee to be vaccinated?
  • @Mark: I would say yes, but I'm sure they could wiggle around this by simple asking on your application.
  • I do not think employer's can force employees to be vaccinated. Many nursing home workers refuse the flu shot despite demands from their employers
  • "As clinical trials continue across the world for a COVID-19 vaccine, many employers are asking whether they will be able to require employees to take the vaccine when it becomes available in the United States. Like with so many questions surrounding COVID-19, the answer is not entirely clear. In general, employers can require vaccination as a term and condition of employment, but such practice is not without limitations or always recommended."

  • sma3 said:

    I do not think employer's can force employees to be vaccinated. Many nursing home workers refuse the flu shot despite demands from their employers

    Healthcare people have to, and not only docs and nurses, at least at all Massachusetts health-related institutions I am familiar with. If you want to continue working there. Maybe other carers are able to refuse at some places because of the shortage of labor -- ?
  • Anti-vaxers. Gimme a break. The key item is whether or not the vaccine is EFFECTIVE. I remember Grammar School. Choice? WHAT choice??? Today, yer all gonna get a TB vaccine. Line-up by twos, right here. But in our case, just now, people are smart to be careful. Our "fearless leader" is not a credible source of information. Listen to the scientists.

    Then there was the polio vaccine. Then smallpox. But as uncle Lewis Black has mentioned: apparently, that one--- promised to be permanent--- wore the hell off? Is that so?
  • Several vaccination are required to be enrolled in Oregon's public school. This COVID vaccine will likely be required for new employees in private sectors. All jobs I had in private sectors required urine test.
  • There are currently three Phase 3 trials in the U.S. and six Phase 3 trials held elsewhere.
    I will wait a while after the first vaccine candidate is approved before getting vaccinated.
    The first approved vaccine may not be the most effective.
    In the meantime, I will continue to wear a mask in public places, practice social distancing, and wash my hands frequently.
  • What strikes me as strange is the idea the Fed would forecast out that far regarding rates which are typically a quarter to quarter or year to year affair. Fed Chairs I believe have four-year terms and Powell started in February 2018, so theoretically he won't even be Fed Chair by 2023.
  • It will take several months to sort out the test data. The production of billions of dosages and their distribution won't be easy as the politicans like to see. Redfield is likely to be right - mid 2021.
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