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MFO Ratings Updated Through December 2020 - Year-End Data ... Yay!

edited January 4 in MFO Premium
All ratings have been updated on MFO Premium site, including MultiSearch, Great Owls, Fund Alarm (Three Alarm and Honor Roll), Averages, Dashboard of Profiled Funds, Portfolios, Quick Search, and Fund Family Scorecard. The site now includes several analysis tools, including Correlation, Rolling Averages, Trend, Ferguson Metrics, Calendar Year and Period Performance.

Given how far markets tumbled in March, most funds ended the year in positive territory, some very positive.

More here.


  • Is this fund's historic relative performance likely to continue?
  • @Jim0445 .... which fund are you referring to?
  • Discussion of future performance, of course, is only opinion. Some do so with more confidence than others, but no one really knows. And you can find opinions to support broadly varying views ... just glance over SeekingAlpha titles.

    As for investing, I do think you have to believe that people want to live better going forward. So, long term, investing should turn out OK. If you don't believe that, not sure how you convince yourself to invest.

    Despite yesterday's pullback, markets seem off to a good start this year, especially value. I'll venture to speculate that Yellen, Powell, less uncertainty in administration, expectation of continued stimulus, expectation of infrastructure spending, vaccine(s), Brexit resolution, and ZIRP are several things markets can feel optimism about.

    In any case, would certainly like to see less volatility.
  • My value funds, large and small caps all returned nicely late last year. Glad to see broadening of the market.
  • Yes indeed. GE, BA, XOM, OXY, WFC have enjoyed nice gains since November ... and, back to positive again today.
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