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The Idiot Maker Rally

edited March 2013 in Off-Topic
Always wondered how certain market gurus were so certain on what the market will do going forward. Prolly best not to make an in/out decision.


  • Great link, thanks for posting.
  • Dear Bud: Great link ! When the Linkster retires he's going to put you in charge. The only problem we must get Old Joe and AndyJ approval. After all, the old FundAlarm Board and the present MFO wouldn't exist without them.
  • edited March 2013
    Well. Dunno ... Calling the market will tend to make about half look like geniuses and half look like idiots. That's why it's probably better not to call markets. Hussman? Hell - he's been wrong forever! And suppose this makes Buffett look like a genius all along. But, a very good story. Thanks (& no intent here to cause any uproar:-)
  • Reply to @Ted: I'll note that, as I write this, there is one reader who just reached the board by searching Google. For what? "Ted FundAlarm" is what brought him (or her).
  • Reply to @David_Snowball: My sole purpose for posting more than 36,000 links here and the old FundAlarm is to bring traffic to the board. The more traffic the better the board becomes.
  • Dear Ted: Fine with me!

  • edited March 2013
    We will find out who will be the genius and who will be the idiot only after the fact.

    Market tends to make idiots from market timers.
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