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SFHYX (Hundredfold Select Alt Fund) available at FIDO

edited June 6 in Fund Discussions
SFHYX seems to be available for purchase ($49.95 TF) over at FIDO with $5,000 min. At least, my BUY order is sitting out there for now .

Spectrum Finl manages this fund along with SVARX.


  • edited June 6
    I know this fund has done well, but has anyone ever figured out exactly why?
  • edited June 6
    Interestingly, according to M* their one equity holding is Microstrategy, purchased in Feb 2021 -- I suspect b/c the company went bonkers buying Bitcoin in recent years so they may be using the equity as a proxy for actual cryptocoin? *shrug*
  • SVARX would be a nice purchase at Fido or Schwab, provided their transaction fee was $20 like at Vanguard !
  • edited June 7

    It has a position in IOFIX and well as some other mutual funds.

    The Microstrategy position was first purchased 2/28/2021.
  • edited June 7
    @LewisBraham it appears that they purchase bond funds that are experiencing a liquidity, IOFAX during pandemic sell off...and wait for them to recover.
  • edited June 8
    @little5bee I'm not sure if you're joking but I don't think that's the strategy and only reflective of current positioning. This fund has outperformed its peers every single calendar year since its December 2013 inception with a very high expense ratio and little explanation as to why it has managed to do that. There were a number of years it's outperformed when there was no liquidity crunch.
  • SFHYX has performed extremely well, but is somewhat opaque. Would you buy this fund?

    The recent issues with IQDAX (Infinity Q Capital Mgmt) have made me hesitant to trust smaller shops that lack full transparency.
  • edited June 8
    The opacity, high fees, and the perhaps "too-good-to-be-true" element concerns me as well. It's not enough to see a fund has performed well. One has to ask why, then ask if that performance is repeatable, which you can't know without knowing why it did so well in the first place, and what are the risks to future performance--also can't know without the why.
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