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Only green today

UP .19%
With 2 NA
How did your portfolio do ? A check for downside protection.
Stay Kool, Derf


  • All equity holdings crushed today. But IOFIX and PMZIX held steady. DHEAX up 1 cent. JLS also up nicely. Otherwise, sea of red.
  • CTFAX up 3 cents, MWISX up 1 cent FIPDX up 3 cents EIXAX up 1 cent HMEAX up 1 cent. Most of these, except CTFAX are minor positions. Most disappointing: GPANX down 1.2 %
  • edited July 19
    @Stiller just posted the futures are all green. Must be the Robinhood traders that the pullback today.
  • edited July 19

    Today (Own):
    UP: Munis, TSIAX
    Pick 'em: MSSMX

    Today (Watch):
  • FRTY +.89%, PTIAX +.43%, MIGPX +.28%. However, MSAUX -2.52% leads the many losers.
  • edited July 20
  • BCOIX and DODIX were up 0.50% and 0.21% respectively.
    VUSFX was flat.
    All my equity funds were down 0.77% - 1.88%.
  • All my bond funds are up (or flat) while the stock funds are all done. Everything is back to green on Tuesday. Any insight or just knee jerk reaction?
  • Sven said:

    Everything is back to green on Tuesday. Any insight or just knee jerk reaction?

    We have all been trained to buy the dip.

  • I framed yesterday’s drop as really not that big a deal percentage wise vs point wise. I guess it’s all in how one looks at it. Ditto today’s claw back so far.
  • Bigger movements though at the individual equity level ... oil, financials, materials.
  • Correct, and fortunately I held none individually. I suck at picking winners there so any losses would have been via my mutual fund or ETF holdings.
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