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edited December 2021 in Fund Discussions
I was wondering if anyone is purchasing this fund , Grandeur Peaks latest addition.
I see it's available at Schwab & others with fee. I do have an account with them,GP, so I went that way. It seems software has a bug in it as I was told I'd get a call when the trade went thru.
Just received call & purchase went thur.

Hope to enjoy the day, Derf


  • edited December 2021
    I own GUSYX and GISYX. If there is a benefit in owning this, I am happy to buy, notwithstanding transaction fees. Since you already did the research and took the trouble to open with GP, perhaps, you would not mind pitching it.
  • I own 4 of their funds & all have been winners at this time. I put a toe hold on this new arrival . Time will tell if I add to it or sell . I will need to do a cross section after a year to see how all of their holdings come together with what I hold.
    It would be of interest to see if any of their representatives bought into this new fund.
    Have a good one,Derf
    P.S.NOT much info to research.
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