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Blackrock and Federated Hermes

Advising son age 30 on best long term choices for employer 401K. Choices limited to Blackrock and Federated Hermes. I suggest 50-50 split between Blackrock Lifepath index 2045 (LIHKX) and Federated Hermes Max Cap Index (FISPX) or Federated Hermes MDT Small Cap Growth (QASGX). Seems FISPX has lower expense ratio and better 1/3/5 yr performance so leaning to FISPX for half and LIHKX for half. Thanks.


  • edited January 2022
    LIHKX is US-LC R1000 + foreign-LC, etc
    FISPX is US-LC SP500
    QASGX is US-SC-gr R2000-gr
    So, he may also consider 80% LIHKX, 20% QASGX in the expectation that US-SC are better valued now and may catchup (past is past).
  • Much thanks, yogibearbull. Helpful.
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