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On Facebook "at"yogibearbull; on Twitter "at"YBB_Finance .


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  • johnN
    You are right sir
    Keep dancing near spy 3666 areas
    September 26
  • johnN
    Ty sir

    Think placements these puts sale to open (8 weeks maturity)
    jepi strike price 40
    Asml 395
    Voo 320
    Tsla 620 or 640

    Free $$
    July 23
  • davidrmoran
    I am alive and well, thanks, and do read the forum. I don't post Krugman articles few read anymore, or similar from my exhaustive personal daily reading, having decided life is too short and too packed for such. I don't ask the many questions I have about my new love interests CDC, DSTK, and CCOR (also STIP), which do not get much if any informed comment.

    I am shocked at how bad things have gone, how down I am financially, for few really good reasons, imo.

    I am no longer in CAPD and wish I had not dived quite so heavily into VONE. I don't regret having a lot in FMSDX.

    It'll all turn at some damn point. I will move a lot from VONE to CDC and DSTL, I expect.

    The actual straw for me, apart from my general 'overbusyness' trend, came when The Smartest Guy in the Room went on splitting hairs over and defending inadvertent / unintentional naked shorting. Life is way too short for such, good grief.

    I hope you and yours are safe and well.

    -- David
    June 14
  • bee
    Thanks for the the industriousness of bees. Very important species. Making honey for themselves, their Queen and for the rest of us.
    June 13
  • On Facebook "at"yogibearbull; on Twitter "at"YBB_Finance .
    May 2
  • Professor Emeritus, Engineering.
    Long-time poster at various investment/finance discussion sites.
    Interests - Investments, Personal Finance, Financial Literacy, Charitable Activities.
    Website (Archival/Reference)
    At Facebook
    November 2021