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Redwood Systematic Macro Trend I Fund (RWSIX) -- Redwood Investment Management

Looking over the 3-yr data for "Flexible Portfolio" funds at MFO Premium, one of the younger funds is Redwood Systematic Macro Trend I Fund (RWSIX). My review of Redwood Investment Management's website found a good deal of stress placed on the importance of minimizing the risk/bite of drawdowns in their investment approach, along with a corporate propensity to trademark a bevy of investment terms or acronyms.

Holding stocks, bonds, and ETFs, the portfolio of RWSIX is indeed flexible. In addition to RWSIX, Redwood runs several other OEFs and ETFs. I was curious if anyone else had info on this fund or Redwood in general.


  • The three Redwood funds listed at Schwab all have the 49.95 tf, which since I invest $500 to a $1000 at a time wouldn't work for me.
  • Looks like it's NTF at TDAmeritrade, but the minimum purchase is $10,000.
  • It's not available at TDA nor E-Trade.
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