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American Funds / Capital Group Launching 6 Active ETFs

The fund family notorious for funds with loads pushed through RIAs, will be launching the subject ETFs tomorrow. I am just opening this thread for a discussion of those ETFs.


  • edited February 23
    M* article from Auguat, 2021,

    "Capital Group, the parent of American Funds, expects to introduce its first suite of exchange-traded funds early next year. According to preliminary prospectus filings on Aug. 24, 2021, the firm will launch six actively managed, transparent ETFs in the latter half of 2022's first quarter: fixed-income strategy Capital Group Core Plus Income CGCP; U.S.-centric equity mandates Capital Group Growth CGGR, Capital Group Core Equity CGUS, and Capital Group Dividend Value CGDV; and international/global equity strategies Capital Group Global Growth Equity CGGO and Capital Group International Focus CGXU....."
  • How many share classes will they have?


    I was stuck with their loads at work for a while -- until my mitching and boaning convinced the powers that were to look elsewhere.
  • Luckily, ETFs cannot have classes. But they can come up with more ETFs, also ETNs, CEFs, if they want (I have not heard of such plans).

    But some American Funds mutual funds (OEFs) have one-and-a-half dozen or more classes. It was a laugh when they launched the F-classes as their attempt to simplify the class-madness but that just added 6 more classes (F1, F2, F3, 529F1, 529F2, 529F3).
  • Thanks. YBB. What are the OEFs that correspond to those ETFs so we may get a glance into how these ETFs might perform.
  • The portfolio of these etfs are posted on their website.
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