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An exercise in corporate IR-responsibility? : MCD, SBUX, PEP

edited March 7 in Other Investing
As of this writing, MCD, SBUX & PEP continue to operate in Russia.

I've decided to contact them to express my deep concerns regarding their continuing to operate there. the form letter I used is below. This is just FYI.

"Many companies recognize that doing business with Russia right now is tantamount to supporting war against Ukraine. I urge (NAMED COMPANY) to take a humanitarian stand and refuse to do business with Russia so as to be a part of stopping the violence against innocent civilians, including children. Nobody wants to be listed as one of the companies that put profits over the lives of innocent children, and the public is paying attention to what companies are doing. I know (NAMED COMPANY) takes its corporate social responsibility seriously - now is the time more than ever.
Do the right thing. Exit Russia. Immediately!"


  • This situation has had me wondering about the nature of any business dealings that the U.S. had with Germany, Italy, and Japan during WWII. I wasn't around. Were there any at all? I'd rather not think that profits have totally subsumed morality and ethics in the 21st Century. Maybe I'm naive.
  • I've always suspected that the intrinsically pathetic nature of human beings hasn't really changed much since day one.
  • Back then companies are more locally focus rather than being global as today. Raw materials were sourced from the local area except for gum rubber where they were obtained from Southeast Asia until Japan took control that region. Synthetic rubber were invented in US and Europe independently to support the war effort. After WWII, Germany and Japan became important allied to US and trades across the globe began. Today globalization is everywhere with respect to goods, services, and technologies. So the Ukraine war is really causing many unintended changes.
  • All reversed course today. Articles available on YahooFinance.
  • Howdy folks,

    As Mark said, Coke, Starbucks and McDonald's have closed all their stores BUT will continue to pay their employees. Elegant solution.

  • What will the Ruskies do without their morning caffeine fix !?
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