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Is there any current benefit to having shares of ACV?


  • I guess if you're Newt Gingrich-sure it seems like a great investment to him! snark
  • @ron, How would it fit into your portfolio? What do you expect to gain from owning it? Are you just looking for income?

    @carew388, could you explain the Gingrich connection please? I'm clueless as usual.
  • Gingrich? Ya, clueless: me, too.
  • Oops-my mistake -ACVF is American Conservative Values ETF- and ACV is the Alliance Convertibles closed end fund. I probably should confine my snarky comments to the political blog I post on !
  • I've traded this. Extremely volatile CEF. Now is a decent time to pick some up at a small discount. I have opted to keep things simple and own its mutual fund (unlevered) sibling, ANZAX. Performs just as well or better than ACV if ACV is just held as contrasted with traded.
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