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2 useful MF/ETF/CEF comparison tools

I have used these 2 for quick comparisons of returns, risk ,fees and holdings. They may be useful if you are not aware of them.
1) Marketwatch Fund compare. Recently updated. allows comparison of 10 funds and or etf"s. at one time.
2) Ameritrade fund compare. Allows you to compare 5 MF"s and /or ETF's and/or CEF's at one time. Very useful is the ratings/risk tab which allows you to compare return vs risk for the funds you enter over various time periods. Happy investing folks. Fundly


  • +1. Thanks very much. I'll scoot over and try them.
  • Be aware that fund comparison sites can be slow to account for distributions, if they ever do, and might only compare NAV changes. For example, using Marketwatch to compare REBYX and FLPSX still shows sharp drops in REBYX on 12/17/21 and in FLPSX on 9/10/21 and 12/10/21.
  • +1.
  • I do not seem to be able to find "total asset" in Ameritrade fund compare. I think that is an important information especially for ETF's.
  • As noted in the original post, these are for "quick" comparisons to get a general idea of the funds status vs other funds in the comparison. Then further evaluation on other sites or the fund company data pages for more information is what I do ,for those funds that interest me. I still feel they are invaluable for my needs. The Ameritrade tool is the only one I know that allows all three fund types to be compared at one time. If anyone knows of any other site that does this please share.
  • Thanks fundly. I do find the Ameritrade tool very useful. It is more useful than the M* fund comparison. I use it almost exclusively for comparing mutual funds or ETF's, etc. The only time I need to go to M* site is to check the "total asset".
  • Thank you. I don't love the morningstar tools
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