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Technical question? Or "Other Investing" question? I dunno

edited August 2022 in Technical Questions
OK, so, I'm looking at charts and numbers and all the stuff. WHY would the TECHNICALS indicate a STRONG SELL on a stock, but the Analysts say it's a STRONG BUY????? Is one backward-looking and one forward-looking?

REAL Example:

....And I read nothing but good things about the company, but looking at the Key Statistics, there's so much RED, rather than GREEN. ORK???????!!!!!!!

Who can help me understand? Thanks.

*Edited to add:


  • edited August 2022

    44 milions dollars questions there

    Nobody know the answers

    Hard to trade daily or momentum trades

    Everyone wrong >54% of time when Bet against market
  • I'm looking at this chart very simplistically (i.e. just the technicals) and I have have done zero point diddly fundamental analysis of the stock or company. The price seems to sit right where it was in June 2020. It nearly doubled from there by August of 2021 but has since retraced all of that gain and appears as though it wants to continue to advance to the rear. I mean it's barely trying to break the trend. The technical chart at confirms this with a low RSI, trading far below it's 200dMA. It's also trading below its 50dMA and money is flowing out of the stock (CMF = Chaikin Money Flow). So 'technically' it's not a good time to be buying and I wouldn't consider investing until these indicators show signs of moving up (i.e. reversing).

    Having said that something 'fundamentally' could lead analysts to say it's worth your money and interest but you couldn't prove it by what the chart is technically indicating.

    Which is better?
  • I buy if rsi < 40 ( oversold)very low and has potential upswings potential and if MACD crosses over

    Google for *breadth DPSGY* see its strengths/potential momentum past few wks and see if lots potential uoswings for stocks past wk or two

  • edited August 2022
    Think maybe bottom consolidate w this stock

    If day trade/few days trades - buy Monday set sale +5% +10%, auto sale
    After autosale --> repeat if you think stocks still upswings

    If long term sits for two yrs five yrs and may reach >40 50

    Imho stocks cycles every 3 months and may potential be +20 -30% every 3- 6 months amd may get 40s 50s in 16 19 months

    Have stop tight loss and sale if stocks drop >5% if day trade

    If long term you may not care if goes any lower

    Analysts say could be $55 in 12 months

    Volumes very low so not many interests becareful

    Good find

    If you look at $WTI Lots folks bought it large upswings momentum, head and shouler upswings, but seem very strong and rsi not reached >70 potential for another 5 7% upswings...macd also crosses over 7 9 days ago

    Just my humble options

    Eu banks/ eu economy in very bad shape now and may have more downswing.. could be another 10 15% down hard to say

    Don't loose$$

    Consider looking at few speakers in stockharts youtube representers videos you may learn lots about swing momentum trades

    Remember when you think you are good/correct and has good trades good winners,
    Market comes back and knock you off very very humble and expect win <35 40% of trades

  • :) Grateful for the responses!
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