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CVS and Walgreens agree to pay $10 billion to settle lawsuits linked to opioid sales

Interesting development:
Stocks barely moved. I wonder if the opiod crisis is just seen as a cost of doing business, or already "priced in."


  • Some rich lawyers are now shopping for new limos.
  • The lawsuit was by state governments. Try reading the article.
  • edited December 2022
    Ty so much for the reads.. Lots settlements on the horizon or has been settled /ease down
    Was getting worried about biotechnology bonds deal w opiods before the pandemics but appear those bonds would be OK for now at least next few yrs

    Now it's almost pulling teeth to get your provider to write for narcotic unless you are dying of cancer.... Impossible to get it... Street values of fentanyl and vicodin also skyrocketted

    GOVT cannot bankrupt these companies and no one would provide them w drugs (both the supplies making and supplying sides) having so many crisis (China covid etc)
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