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biden, classified files found

The Repugs will shake their fingers and make hay with THIS. Big smelly doggy poopies.


  • edited January 11
    Upon further examination there are considerable differences:
    1. There were 10 classified documents stored in a locked safe in the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.
    2. They were stored there when Biden served as a vice president.
    3. At the moment of discovery, Biden was not aware these documents have not return to the government. They were returned within 24 hours.
    Additional details are discussed below,
  • edited January 11
    Only similarity here between Trump and Biden is that classified documents were involved.
    Trump refused to return the many classified docs in his possession
    and his personnel lied when questioned about the situation.
    When Biden's team discovered a small number of classified docs,
    they notified the National Archives and returned the documents the next day.
    Of course, these facts will not prevent House Republicans from making false equivalence claims.
  • You're absolutely right.
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