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  • edited January 23
    I have SYLD in the IRA and FYLD in the taxable. Both have held up reasonably well through 2022--influenced by the price I first bought them at of course.

    I understand the thesis. And it seems like a reasonable one for seining emerging market funds. If I get into them, I would prefer active to passive management.

    I don't have an account at stockrover. Here is another source:
  • I have recently bought EYLD, along with SFVLX, as EM value seems to make sense these days. Like @WABC, I also have exposure to SYLD. One can always hope that the prognosticators are right this time about EM. I like Faber’s idea of buying companies that have real earnings. Pacer (COWZ) and Distillate Capital have somewhat similar approaches, with Free Cash Flow seeming to be the common denominator.
  • edited January 23
    @WABAC. @BenWP. Glad to see your replies. I'm steering clear of small/midcaps anymore. Too streaky for me. And EM is not under consideration, either. I'm happy with my current stable of ponies. Pretty good day today. But it's just one day.:)

    I saw Faber's name in the article, and my ears perked up.
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