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Classified Documents Found at Mike Pence’s Home in Indiana

edited January 2023 in Off-Topic
Breaking News - The Hill

Oh. Oh. Just found some ”classified” papers laying around here. Unsure whether to heave them in the wood burner or ship ‘em to the government. :)


  • edited January 2023
    Imagine what the Bushes, Clintons and Obama must have inadvertently mistaken for toilet tissue and hoarded in their bathroom cabinets. Does make one wonder about the sluggish responses of former xxTUS workers. Are they just slow or lazy?
  • edited January 2023
    @Anna. Yes. And during the pandemic TP was in short supply. Also - the photos of Bush houses I’ve seen always feature large fireplaces.:)
  • Surely more will turn up elsewhere. And now, everyone's focused on it. My question is: how does this HAPPEN????? Still, it's one thing to forget----- even if you're just plain CARELESS. It's another thing to deliberately STEAL such documents, as in the case of The Trumpster.
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