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Superbowl bound

Take your pick, KC or the Eagles. SF ,down to a fourth string QB crumbled ! Cincy player made a bad decision late in the game & caused Cincy a chance to win in OT. My prediction, may the best team win.
2 weeks to show down, Derf


  • Who cares @Derf? It's not the Bills or the Packers:)

    Kidding aside, I started watching the AFC game cheering for the Bengals, but when I watched the gritty performance by Mahomes I switched my cheer. That guy is amazing even on a bad ankle. Both are very good teams with great quarterbacks. I really don't like the Cinny cornerback, Eli Apple. I was happy to see his dumb penalty hurt his team. He spent the week talking trash about the Bills. For what reason? They beat the Bills... take the high road and move on.

    I have to go with Philly in the SB.
  • not caring about this super bowl. KC is led by a great QB. But I just don't care. It's KC. And Philly? Remember what W.C. Fields remarked about Philadelphia? I lived in its 'burbs and worked in the city. Just plain awful.
  • I thought earlier in the season that KC's defense was a weak link, but my hat's off to KC's three rookie defensive backs who played like the wiliest veterans in both the divisional and conference rounds, and the defensive line, especially the pass rush, which really came through.
  • Not a gambling man. Here is the odd for Super Bowl.
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