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  • Great to see he's adding some support for the fund. This helps assuage my concerns that they might liquidate it because of its small size. Not that much info that I can find on Brent Clayton. Found this:

    "Brent Clayton has been investing in frontier and emerging markets equities for the past ten years at LR Global, a boutique asset management firm that spun out of the Rockefeller family office. He joined LR Global as an equity analyst in 2007 and became a co-portfolio manager in 2012 in conjunction with the launch of the firm’s Frontier Markets -dedicated equity strategy. He also has helped build, train, and manage a Hanoi-based fundamental research team in support of this fund.

    Brent received a B.A., cum laude, from Dartmouth College with a concentration in Government and a minor in Portuguese. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder."
  • I just can't go to EM anymore, particularly southward to Latin America. On the bond front: AGEPX is a stand-out. But I can get monthlies from my domestic OEF junk bond funds that are as good or better, without the EM risk. A younger person might find EM advantageous.
  • Looks like a good hire. LR Global has been around a long time and covered frontier markets for most of their history if I recall correctly. Vietnam is definately frontier-markets!
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