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just noticed re:BRUFX

edited May 22 in Fund Discussions
cash position is really rather high, at 29%. That's gotta be tactical, and hopefully will prove to be a smart, patient move in days to come. In the meantime, there's the 2.2% yield--- which is something, though it does not approach the rate of inflation. ... In fact, look at the market sectors. This portfolio resembles what David Rosenberg was recommending over the week-end on WealthTrack.


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    Just from general reading, Buffett is high on cash - apparently leery of valuations. That would be in line with @Crash’s comment re BRUFX. As noted previously, Buffett’s been buying in Japan. ISTM the S&P is inflating due to a handful of stocks. Elephant chasing his tail comes to mind. But could be wrong. Perhaps it’s heading for a permanently high plateau.

    Personal note - Have had a small hold on Japan stocks thru an index fund for couple years. Because it isn’t dollar hedged against the yen I took a clubbing last year even as Japanese stocks rose. Happily, I’ve gotten that back this year as the dollar has weakened against the yen and Japanese stocks have continued to rise.
  • Patience sometimes pays off, eh, @hank? I've been tracking Brother Industries out of Japan. BRTHY.
  • @hank,

    Japanese Companies = yes
    Japanese Economy = not so sure

    Buffet's 5 Japanese stocks:


    Japanese Funds/ETFs i have followed:

    DXJ - great returns over the last 5 years
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    Crash said:

    Patience sometimes pays off, eh, @hank? I've been tracking Brother Industries out of Japan. BRTHY.

    Thx @Crash. I rarely sell something that’s down. (But occasionally head for the exit if nauseated.:))

    I think some foreign holdings non dollar-hedged is a good diversification tool in a risk averse portfolio. Just keep the commitment light. As my prior post indicated, the FX (foreign exchange markets) can sink even the mightiest ship. Patience for sure where currencies are in play. Grantham mentioned Japan about 2 years ago as one area where there might still be some value in an inflated global market. I took his lead. Of course, they’ve risen a lot over those 2 years. Buyer beware at this late stage.

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