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PRWCX/TRAIX Semi Annual Report

edited August 2023 in Fund Discussions
Here's the link to the latest semi annual report for TRP Capital Appreciation, with a twist.

The SEC adopted new rules in January evidently, that requires fund companies to transition to a new format, thus TRP will no longer be including the optional 6 month semi-annual fund letter. That's disappointing. The new format is called "Tailored Shareholder Report". This is required to be instituted by mid-2024.

Possibly, some of you have more information on this?


  • See October 2022 press release from the SEC requiring "concise and visually engaging" fund reports. Of course, the SEC formal documents on the right panel is only 350 pages! There is an 18-month transition period but funds can do this earlier.

    Mutual funds/OEFs must still provide paper copies; others can just sent a link on the website.
  • I am disappointed with SEC. The reduced reporting is not helpful to informing investors.
  • The fund continues to hold a significant investment in bank loans, 11.2%, 7.9% in Treasury Notes, 9.4% in corporate bonds and 7.9% in a money market fund.
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