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QRA, quarterly refunding announcement

Seems that the QRA has gotten more air play than in the past...can someone define what it is exactly and how might one use that information to guide their investments if at all?

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  • QRA is an estimate by the Treasury of its upcoming financing needs. There was lot of press on it ahead of the October release because the needs of the US have grown substantially and people feared that a haphazard approach to issuances of T-Bills/Notes/Bonds, TIPS, FRNs, etc may cause chaos in the Treasury market. However, the October QRA release looked like a well thought out gradual plan and there was NO market reaction to it.
  • Thank you YBB
  • $259K federal debt per US taxpayer. IMHO the debt issue discussion will be here for keeps. 20 year auction on 11/20 and 30 year auction on 12/12. I am watching to see if this slowly develops into a simple supply/demand issue disregarding other macro events. Most equities on US exchanges are priced in dollars.
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