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BKIPX? Not available at Fidelity?

edited June 11 in Fund Discussions
Just screening a few funds for future use. Suprised to get this when I try to pull up BKIPX on Fidelity’s webpage. Why would threy not offer it?

“The symbol you're interested in is either not a valid Mutual Fund or is a fund that's not available on”


  • edited June 11
    Not all funds are supported at Fido even when it has a deal with iShares on many funds.

    iShares ST-TIPS:


    BIIPX is TF & $2 million min

    BTW, BKIPX is retirement plan class K and not available to retail.
  • edited June 11
    Thank you @yogibearbull.

    BAIPX wouldn’t come up for me at Fido.

    BIIPX did come up, but with a $2 Mil minimum. So I shouldn’t need it any time soon.

    BKIPX which I asked about now shows a $5 Mil minimum. (Didn’t notice that earlier) Yet in a separate article, M* promotes it as a top performer in its class. Go figure. How many dudes reading M* have $5 Mil to sink into a single fund?
  • edited June 11
    @hank, Yogi said BKIPX is for retirement plans, like work place 401(k), not for retail.
  • beebee
    edited June 11
    @hank, Would an IShares ETF work for your needs?

    STIP, with an ER= .03%
    Through Fidelity:
  • Thanks for the suggestion @bee / Nice looking etf. I’m just looking out a month or two at a potential need. Adding things to my watch list that look enticing. Yes - I’m aware Yogi pointed out that BKIPX was for retirement plans. I was just jesting about the $5 Mil minimum.
  • @hank, The $5M minimum is at the plan level and not at the individual participant level.
  • edited June 11
    @BaluBalu - Is there any way I might buy into the “plan” level if I come up with the $5M minimum?
  • edited June 12
    For retirement plan classes (K at Fido, R1-R6 elsewhere), minimums would apply to plans, but plans may have no minimum for participants. This is because typical purchases are from regular salary payments. These retirement classes cannot be transferred in-kind on job changes or termination.

    There are several ST-TIPS ETFs - VTIP, STIP, TDTT, STPZ. But TIPS funds were disasters in the bond selloff of 2022. Problem is that they have a strong duration effect. So, it is best to just buy ST-TIPS at auction or in the secondary market at brokerages.
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