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PING: David S., Brad, way to notify about spam posts for deletion???

edited June 2011 in Technical Questions

The two most recent posts in "off topic" are spam posts. I recently sent David a direct email about the "porn" post a few days ago; but is there a preferred method and/or contact for this? The post appear to be from a registered email address with MFO. Would one's "hijacked" email account be able to set a full post into a MFO board message? I don't know how this would be possible. 2 cents.

Take care,


  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • edited June 2011
    Well, somebody had to look. No porn at them linked sites Maurice. Just more Russian gibberish. Glad to be of help.
  • Hi hank,

    Maurice was referring to a post at 10pm Thursday night. I sent a direct mail to David about that one. Full of sex/porn text and links.

    Take care,
  • "We had some past agreements and disagreements about giving MFO moderation privileges to some active members on FundAlarm. It kind of de-evolved into some discussions about controversial or outspoken members not being best suited for this task." Ah, memories.
  • edited June 2011
    Hi Catch. I'm referring to the HorraayNew post from the 17th. From Maurices original translation it sounds like a travel ad. Cut and pasted his remarks below. Now, when I clicked the 2 links in that post, just got more russian and more links. Dont doubt you came across some porn. I'm just not seeing it.

    Porn aside, would expect few here understand Russian (except Maurice), and maybe David should clarify allowable languages. Gotta be careful though not to get in a discrimination suite.


    Here's the cut and past:

    "Please remove this thread. it is spam. Maybe you should consider removing this new member as well.

    Good Day! If you plan to spend your holiday without leaving the borders of Russia, then you should definitely consider a variant of active tours to Russia. Huge catalog of tours to Russia can be estimated on the site Larussia site is dedicated to holiday in Russia, and gostnits ticket.
    Holidays in Russia

    I did not click on the hyperlink. I don't know what to expect, as I don't trust it."
  • Hi, everyone.

    I've removed the spam, and the 'members' associated with it. I'm looking at another plug-in that will allow members to report a post. I'll keep you updated.

    Thanks for the vigilance.

  • Hi, again.

    I've added an option to "Flag" a post for the moderator. I'm not completely satisfied with it, but it's a step in the right direction. You'll notice it at the top of each post, right next to the "Reply" link. It will ask you to enter a reason for flagging the content, which doesn't need to be anything more than one or two words.

    Thanks again.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Say it isn't true, Maurice! I was totally impressed that you had such a command of Russian! Another letdown, I'm afraid.
  • Howdy.

    Folks certainly do find questions that I've never pondered before. Languages? Uhhh . . . if it looks (a) like a fund discussion and (b) is productive rather than disruptive, I guess I'd be predisposed to shake my monolingual head in wonderment and leave it be.

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