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Received from TRP by email today: VERY cheesy.

edited January 2019 in Off-Topic
Dear John,

One referral can make a lasting impact.

Share the benefits of investing with a firm you know and trust with the people you care about most.

Now through April 15, 2019, refer a friend or family member to T. Rowe Price. If they open an account, we’ll donate $50 to a charity of their choice; and to show our appreciation, we’ll also donate $50 to your favorite cause. It’s a great way to give back and easy to get started.


  • I got the same e-mail. Since I don't have any friends, I deleted it.

  • edited January 2019
    Notice the $$ doesn’t go to you or your friend. The donation(s) goes to one or more charities of your choice(s). So, if PBS is included among the causes to which the donation may be made, I’m all in favor.

    I’ll agree with you to this degree - I hate to see a great firm like that have to scavenge for business. It probably says more about the plight of good, solid active management in today’s world than about the firm.
  • Heck, my bank and brokerage firm both do something similar.
  • Well, PBS? You mean the "publicly funded" tv station with more commercials than the commercial networks? Only they refuse to call them commercials. Ya.
  • edited January 2019
    Ya been watch'in any traditional network (non-cable) stuff in the past few years?
    Ah, you're looking at 20 minutes of "show" for every 30 minutes of clock time?
    Sports more so worse.
    To each their own, eh?
    Oh, well; one may invest to take advantage of such social events and if all things are fairly even, likely make some money, yes?

    Hey, rock on. Money to be made on Wednesday, Jan. 9.
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