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Vanguard Balanced Index or actively managed balanced funds?

Can anybody think of good reasons to go with actively managed balanced funds (other than Vanguard) instead of their Balanced Index? Over the past 10 years the Balanced Index has been competitive with actively managed funds yadda yadda. But what about the future?


  • edited January 2019
    half and half. no one can predict. Have been holding vgstx for long time very happy ..80s% of active MF cannot beat index plus fees are high
  • Taxes?

    If they're a concern, my first choice for an actively managed tax-efficient balanced fund would be Vanguard's own VTMFX. Since you asked for non-Vanguard alternatives, there's also TAIFX.
  • Tough to find a managed balanced fund better than VBINX. I think your best bet would be Wellington VWELX. Or, if you prefer a heavier allocation to bonds, there's the excellent Wellesley VWINX. Both have very low expense ratios.
  • BALFX (the F1 class available at Fidelity with no load and ntf) is a fine alternative to Vanguards balanced fund which is closed to new investors. New fund for me in 2018 when I decided to dial down the growth bent of porfolio. Fine history, and reasonable fees.
  • For a retirement account and if you are looking for around a 50/50 allocation, one part of Wellington to one part of Wellesley is nice.
  • @slick,
    Why did you choose it over say JABAX?
    (I am now aiming at DSEEX and PONAX 50/50 but always interested elsewhere.)
  • Conservative 30-50% balanced fund HBLAX, similar to VWINX, but avaiable NTF outside Vanguard.
  • slick said:

    Vanguards balanced fund which is closed to new investors

    Vanguard closed the Investor share class of its index funds to most retail investors because it lowered the min of the Admiral class shares for these funds to $3K.

    Check out VBIAX. It's open at Fidelity (with a TF, as always there), and you can even get in for less - just $2500.

  • @davidmoran : never really considered the janus balanced fund,new team in place and equity holdings very similar to another fund i have.
  • @msf: I did look at VBIAX originally, knowing it could be purchased as admiral class. Since I already had 4 Vanguard Funds VDIGX, VPCCX, VIG, VOO, which account for about 25% of portfolio and the American fund similar in return with strong team, opted to go that route. VOO AND VDIGX are my two largest holdings by the way.
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