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U.S.-Stock Funds Are Up 17% So Far In 2019

FYI: The stock market keeps rising, and fund investors keep turning away.

The average U.S.-stock fund rose 3.4% in the second quarter and is now up 17% so far in 2019, according to Thomson Reuters Lipper data. International-stock funds were up a similar amount for the quarter, pushing the year-to-date advance to 14%.


  • Not really news. But, yes, it was an incredible first half. Many different sectors profited. What else can you say?
  • @MFO Members: " Not really news" that's true, but at least its about Mutual Funds not airplanes, Amazon, or Trump bashing.
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    @Ted - Did you really read the above book by George Will?

    Ex-Republican and Washington Post columnist George Will appeared on The View Friday to promote his book and do the only thing right-leaning commentators are invited on television to do: bash President Trump and promote the left. Will got right to that, comparing “Trump Republicans” to cockroaches that had infested the party.
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  • Agreed, the markets have risen nicely this year.
    But the widely-quoted rise in the markets since January 1 forgets about the steep drop in December. So we're working off a low base.
    If we include the downs and ups, the past 12 months total return for the S&P 500 has been about 10%.
    Which is still good, just not in the gangbusters neighborhood.
  • Anyhow, there simply is nothing good to be said about The Trumpster. Negative adjectives cannot do justice to just how corrupt and immoral he is.
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    Crash said:

    ”Anyhow, there simply is nothing good to be said about The Trumpster. Negative adjectives cannot do justice to just how corrupt and immoral he is.”

    @Crash - With all due respect, I don’t believe we should be discussing politics here - and believe I’ve made the point before. . Had @Ted not accused me of doing so, I’d not have linked the George Will quote. But when the pot is calling the kettle black there may exist the need to respond in kind. Let me say that I loath the language George Will uses to characterize the President and I would never resort to such a figure of speech. I have too much respect for the office of President to depict the current occupant the way Will has been doing on the cable TV circuit - hyping his book for sure.

    I may in the past have taken issue here with some of the President’s economic sensitive statements or positions. Certainly, the national tax structure and Federal Reserve appointments & criticisms have a bearing on the economy and may warrant discussion from time to time. But I won’t demean the office of President (or any other public office). And I won’t offer advice to others on how they should vote.

    I hope all here will join me in supporting a politics free MFO. The coming months will be challenging as state and national elections approach and the relentless cable noise from both sides intensifies. But I believe MFO readers deserve a politics free board. Thanks all for your help.

  • totally disagree
  • @hank @davidmoran Ya, I know my negative comment was gratuitous and unsolicited. I may not be successful, but I appreciate your words and will either stay away, or edit myself, going forward. This is not a political discussion board--- unless we go to the off-topic threads. Nevertheless, when it comes to the current occupant of the White House, there are 10 gazillion others whom I might not like, but The Trumpster as "leader" is simply a superfluously disgraceful excuse for a human being. You've not changed my mind, but I certainly do hear what you're saying.
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    @Crash, not following --- concur totally in your take on the "president", just do not support notion of a politics-free MFO board, that's all
  • @Crash, not following --- concur totally in your take om the "president", just do not support notion of a politics-free MFO board, that's all

    Right. "...unless we go to the off-topic threads." I come to MFO looking to find investing info. I don't come to grind a political axe. Political remarks often cannot be helped, though. With the Trumpster in charge, we are indeed in a "brave, new world" in which respect for law and ethical standards have been left behind, in the dust. Any defense of him and his administration is a rationalization, a refusal to see reality. The Trumpster is making war on decency and morality. That kind of behavior needs to be POINTED OUT. And guess what? "The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes!"'s_New_Clothes
  • k, if something is not marked OT, so flag
  • hard and fast? Not so certain.
  • oops, true
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