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any comment on Michael MCClung and his book for asset drawdown in retirement?

before M* went haywire this was mentioned on their old discussion board re long lasting MSWR for retirement account

apparently there was a flurry of comment at M* when the book was published in 2015.

any comments on MFO would be useful as i'm currently close to beginning account distribution.......RMD next year.

thanks all!


  • I was able to find this discussion regarding your question. Perhaps some of the links may help discover more answers.

    A complex question that would involve at least several common scenarios based upon needs, and money sources at retirement.

    Sorry, that I don't have time now to read more about this, or provide anything of value to submit.


    catch....thanks for your prompt reply!
    above is a link to a M* bogleheads dicussion from a few years ago.

    chapter 3 of the free link of the first 3 chapters of the book is the most crucial to get the gist of what McClung
    has studied to be a way of providing a reasonably probable MSWR for varying projected years of retirement.

    i understand his concepts with a layman's knowledge,and my library has been able to get me a copy of

    what i'm curious about is if any of the MFO community know of McCLUNG's study,and possibly have any experience
    w/ using his concepts for establishing stock/bond allocations,withdrawal patterns, and various asset allocation
    breakdowns.(us/intl/lc/mc/sc/ growth/ value/bond choices/etc)

    it is fairly complex, not a simple strategy.........and he does provide a remarkable trove of research
    to support his premises.

    i'm most curious to know if anyone has familiarity/opinions re his work, and how his credentials/work have been received.

    thanks again,
  • perhaps run ORP and see what it says (optimal retirement planner)
  • i appreciate your mention....and went to
    a lot of useful info there to study and understand.
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