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Back when I wanted to invest in HA I didn't have the money. You've all heard the old saw: "How do you become a millionaire? Start with a billion, and invest in airlines."

It was only in late 2018 that HA added that nonstop between Boston and Honolulu....


  • Along the same line:
    Reporter to farmer " Wow, you just won a million dollars in the lottery! What are you gonna do with the money?"
    Farmer: "I guess I'll just keep on farming until it's gone."

  • But! ...HA is downsizing, but United is planning more flights to Hawaii. (Use Alaska, instead, if you MUST fly wearing a mask, these days. Alaska is just BETTER.)
  • Flight traffic is down considerably during this pandemic. Wearing face masks is required now. Some airlines leave the middle row empty while many don't and managed to get full flight. Knowing the cabinet air is 90% recirculated it is risky to fly. One doctor got infected with COVID while wearing face mask. He think it came from eyes exposure without safety google during his flight. Warren Buffet sold all his airline stocks in spring indicating these business will not return to normal capacity for years to come.
  • @sven I figured as much. I'm missing my brother's Memorial Mass, back East. I suppose we should feel lucky that we reached our new home here, before restrictions were in place. October, 2019, and wife followed in December.
  • @Sven makes a good point. To be safer in an enclosed space, such as a plane, eye covering may be as important as a mask.
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