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  • Thanks Crash: I'll listen later.
  • edited September 13
    I don’t do podcasts unless it’s something really compelling. (A return from the dead by Louis Rukeyser for a “special” present day market update might qualify.:) )

    While I don’t much listen to podcasts, I like Bloomberg TV as background noise, so have likely heard all of the opinions here sometime over the weekend as the show is rebroadcast several times. Can’t stand (“wet blanket“) Lawerence Summers as a market prognosticator, though I respect his considerable intellect. David Westin’s a solid “B grade” program moderator and also a Michigan native, so let’s be kind here. I’d not walk across the street to hear Nancy Pelosi (or any politician) comment on Wall Street / investing during a heated and tumultuous election season, although I agree with her on most issues political. Rick Rieder (mentioned in the excerpt at bottom) from BlackRock appears often on Bloomberg and usually makes good sense.

    Some of the guests in the podcast @Crash linked:

    - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

    - Bloomberg Senior Executive Editor for Economics Stephanie Flanders

    - Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers

    - Gerber Kawasaki President & CEO Ross Gerber

    - Alger Management CEO & CIO Dan Chung


    “Sep.11 — This week’s Wall Street Week features David Westin’s interviews with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Bloomberg Senior Executive Editor for Economics Stephanie Flanders, Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers, Gerber Kawasaki President & CEO Ross Gerber, and Alger Management CEO & CIO Dan Chung. The conversations analyze the need for more economic stimulus in the U.S. and the ECB’s decision to hold steady on further stimulus spending. Afsaneh Beschloss, RockCreek Group CEO and Rick Rieder, BlackRock Global Chief Investment Officer of Fixed Income discuss the return of volatility to markets, concerns of over-valued assets, and the whether there is a shift in the fundamentals.”
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