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The Long Term Returns of Retail Fund - FSRPX

I was first attracted to this fund, FSRPX, when I was creating a list of mutual funds with consistently high risk adjusted returns. It's management captures 148% of the upside (of the Consumer Cyclical Index) while suffering only 91% of the Index's downside losses in down markets.

It continues to deliver those results long term. Its 5, 10, and 15 trailing returns has placed this fund in the top 1% of Consumer Cyclical funds. It is a concentrated fund in which just 10 companies account for 66% of the fund's assets.

FSRPX - M* Profile:

Forbes Article -

The Tale of Retail


  • Fidelity doesn't seem to have an etf version of this fund, although the returns of FDIS are similar to FSRPX. Amazon comprises about 33% of both funds.
  • @Bee thanks for sharing this. I was just listening to a retail analyst discussing the upcoming holiday season. Interestingly she is expecting a strong one despite COVID because of product shortages which should ensure stronger margins.
  • @bee, fwiw, for the last 5y VONG is similar, sometimes better, though beyond that Fido mostly rules.
  • beebee
    edited October 16
    @davidmoran, VCR (VCDAX) would be a closer apples to apples comparison and another great consumer cyclical eft/fund. FWIW.
  • right
    was not comparing apples, just noting tight overlay correlation over time for you
  • I might have thought that a consumer discretionary fund with a ticker VCR would date back to the 80s. Turns out the fund started in 2004.

    At least they had the sense not to name it BMAX.
  • @carew388 - FDIS, Fidelity Discretionary, is as close as your going to come with an ETF from Fidelity. I have been using IEDI since April.
  • Thanks Mark
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