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Long M* Interview with PRWCX's David Giroux



  • edited February 2021
    A fabled forum poster kept the old M* pages alive for us. Use the referenced link in my post to access the old M* pages. Simply change the fund symbol in the URL for other OEFs. Note that method works for all tabs except "Quote," which if clicked, will default you to the newer or pay M* pages.
  • beebee
    edited February 2021
    I believe @davidmoran used a similar "old link" for PRWCX holdings earlier in this thread.
  • There is one option available to some to get into PRWCX: rollover part or all of a 401k to TRP and they’ll let you invest your rollover in their closed funds. You’ll then have an IRA invested in PRWCX.

    You can transfer assets to/from an existing IRA to increase your investment. To take it a step further, (I haven’t done this but a Fido rep didn’t see a problem with it) if you want to invest outside your IRA, you can do an in-kind distribution of as little as one share (paying any applicable taxes/penalties) to a taxable account.
  • I tried placing a Buy order for ITCSX in my Fidelity account and was told "this fund cannot be traded"
  • ITCSX is open at Schwab No load /with a fee - annual returns going back ten years within .05 -.15 basis points below PRWCX - Most likely as a result of the slightly higher ER .
  • I just tried to purchase ITCSX at Schwab, and was told fund wasn't available at Schwab, so now I'm confused? Schwab does offer FLOTX which is one of the least risky Floating Rate Bond funds with $2500 minimum and transaction fee.
  • edited February 2021
    I tried to purchase ITCSX at Saturna, which uses Pershing Fund marketplace AFAIK. Got the following message: "The fund you have selected is not available to be purchased by residents of your state or country. Please contact Saturna for further assistance". Already own PRWCX in this HSA account, but Pershing was mentioned as one of the platforms that offers it, so I thought I'd check it out.
  • the main morningstar page dropped the "purchase" tab long ago, but this one still gives that information. You have to manually change the Fund symbol. Not clear how old purchase info is
  • edited February 2021
    sma3 said:

    the main morningstar page dropped the "purchase" tab long ago, but this one still gives that information. You have to manually change the Fund symbol. Not clear how old purchase info is

    There must be an echo in here...thought I had already posted the same link and instructions on this thread. Um yeah, I did.
  • I dont know if you can access this page from Bloomberg without a subscription but it addresses the equity duration issue less comprehensively in the context of bond duration as well

    "Equity duration is a bit trickier to grasp. Some use dividend yields to calculate how many years it will take to get one’s capital back without any dividend growth, with more time equating to higher duration -- broadly speaking, a lower dividend rate means a higher duration."

  • OK-here's a silly thought. Maybe TRP could start a Global Utilities fund, managed by Giroux. It probably would attract at least a few billion dollars which would generate management fees. The fund would probably never close because the Utilities sector is large and would allow investors closed out of PRWCX to access Giroux's talent. The fund wouldn't absorb a lot of resources-just give Giroux 2 analysts as co-managers if necessary. Add some Giroux secret sauce and I would buy this fund at its inception !
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