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Sector expertise

I am trying to find mutual fund families that have expertise or research strengths in certain sectors/industries. If I am not mistaken the T. Rowe Price family is good in tech and Cohen & Steers is good in real estate. Fidelity seems to be good in a number of sectors. Do you know what other families have research strengths in other sectors/industries?


  • Honestly I'm not sure that you'll find fund firms that excel in certain areas/sectors/spaces like back in the days of yore. There is so much readily available info and data in the global economy era and plenty of computers and analysts that know what to do with it. it certainly can happen but the trick is to find these sectors, fund managers and firms before their strength becomes noticed.

    Having said all that, Matthews has long been recognized as a step above in the far east or Asian markets and Perkins was once noted for their expertise in small caps. I'm not sure that either of those two candles still burn.
  • +1 @Mark I'm fund "family" agnostic - although if Fidelity has an exact equal - I might lean there for ER and convenience.
  • It is possible say which fund families is relatively good at certain sectors. Funds performance are heavily rely on concept of fund manager. Unfortunately, mangers come and go, many lasted only 7-10 years. Of course, there are some last and become guru. For now, real estate sector, BREFX is the king in the last 5 years.
  • I don't this it's prudent to assume one family 'excels' in a sector. As previous post mentions, it's th PM/Team that makes it appear to be strong in that sector. Rough Examples - TRP, Vanguard and Fidelity (several funds) all have top performing Health Sector Funds. They are all different but the results have been positive and have attracted a lot of investors.
    Cohen & Steers has widely been known as the 'Real Estate Manager'...but do some research and there are stronger Funds with better long term performance!
    Bottom line, IMO...too difficult to 'label' Fund Families without doing a deep dive and compare to others funds with similar style/asset class.
  • edited February 2021
    I concur with all of the above responses. As far as TRP goes, with 169 funds (last count) it would seem an injustice to classify them as expert in any single area. Agree with you that they’ve had some fine tech funds over the years. PRMTX has been a standout. What I value (among other things) is their work with allocation funds. Their research is deep and they’re always fine-tuning those allocations looking to achieve an advantage (risk/reward) - though the changes may appear slight. They work hard to provide & operate funds with risk profiles appropriate for different types of investors.

    “The company offers investors 169 mutual funds, in terms of unique funds, not share classes. In addition to mutual funds, the company also provides brokerage services, 401K and 529 plans, and active portfolio management. T. Rowe Price has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland.”

  • Good points, @hank. I do like the deep bench and the research at TRP. RPGAX has done well for me and I am committing more former bond dough to TMSRX. Both funds utilize the managerial skills of a range of strategies, so they are funds-of-funds. I think the wide range of TRP funds with 4 and 5 star ratings affords me a greater level of confidence.
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    TRP pleases me. I'm rather married to it. I dunno what else they might even do in order to cover the investing universe. Proliferation of specialty funds is not a thing I like to see...
  • Interesting sector correlation of S&P 500 sectors (YTD):
  • Yes, quite interesting.
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