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I wonder if anyone else has looked again at American Association of Individual Investor's offerings in light of the new push for fancier stock recommendations, portfolio management and now, an offer for lifetime access to all of their screens, data and advisory services for $2500.

While the magazine has some fairly decent articles, I have never been overwhelmed by their mutual fund stuff and find their stock portfolios too quantitative and opaque. Of course I dropped my trial of VMQ stocks right before it took off!

It is a curious organization. A non-profit organization that doesn't ask for donations but sells lots of stuff. Is there a board of directors? I assume like a lot of hospitals for example, that as long as they spend all but 5% of their income on "stuff" they can remain non-profit.


  • I have been using AAII off and on for a number of years mostly because they bring a different perspective to stock and fund analysis as opposed to M* and a host of buy-side analysts. I do not use their 'Shadow Stock' portfolio because it consists of too many stocks I know very little about and don't have the time to dig in to even though they claim to have good success with it. They also feature a number of different stock screening methods following the likes of Buffett, Lynch, etc. which are fun to play around with. I'm not impressed enough to shell out $2500 however.
  • I am a lifetime member of AAII. Its annual membership is very low and comes with monthly AAII Journal and good online access. I track its weekly AAII Sentiment Survey in other venues. The AAII Journal is really a magazine for general public although occasionally it may publish articles on rather dense topics. Note that the Trinity study on withdrawal rates was published in the AAII Journal in 1998. Lately, AAII is quite aggressive in selling lots of other stuff but I don't buy any of those. AAII location in Chicago is not that far from M* and they seem to have good mutual interactions.
  • I plunked down 2 bucks to take a look around this past weekend. I was inundated with emails despite opting out of everything in my user account.

    What I saw of the screens open to me was pretty sad. I would rather subscribe to MFO premium for data on funds. And the screens just keep getting better.

    It's not hard to find opinions for free. So I don't like to pay for them.

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    This is an example of the tracking of the AAII Sentiment Survey that I do. It is available elsewhere and my intention is not to start the series here.

    AAII Sentiment Survey, 11/17/21

    For the week ending on 11/17/21, there was a decrease in the bullish sentiment but it remained the top sentiment (38.8%; now average) & bearish remained the bottom sentiment (27.2%; below average); neutral remained the middle sentiment (33.9%; above average). Early December deadlines loom for budget & debt-ceiling. The decision on Fed Chair (POWELL or BRAINARD?) has to be made soon with Powell's term expiring in February 2022. Electric-vehicles (EVs) remain a very speculative area (Rivian/RIVN, Lucid/LCID, etc).

    Date Bullish Neutral Bearish

    10-14-21 37.91% 30.33% 31.75%

    10-21-21 46.89% 25.36% 27.75%

    10-27-21 39.83% 30.74% 29.44%

    11-04-21 41.50% 32.50% 26.00%

    11-11-21 48.00% 28.00% 24.00%

    11-17-21 38.8% 33.9% 27.2%

    Observations over life of survey

    Avg 38.02% 31.43% 30.54%

    STD 10.01% 08.36% 09.50%

  • Those that follow the AAII Sentiment Survey, it has turned bearish this week.
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    2021 AAII Tax Guide is in the latest issue of AAII Journal. At this time, some stimulus related tax stuff is still pending and AAII may issue a release on those changes later. AAII members can access it online. I think that nonmembers can also access it if they haven't used up their free monthly quota for AAII articles.
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