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Reconstitution changes (purchases) will be made 3/21/2022 this year. However, my notes show the date the index constituents selections are made is done in Feb of each year. I cannot find the exact date in the Index Methodology document. Does anybody know when the index is finalized? If my notes are right..... it would be possible for valuations to change between Feb and March given volatility we are seeing.


  • Based on the fund’s history going back to its inception the “reconstitution” formula works well more often than not. SCHD has exceeded my expectations and leads its segment. The upcoming changes may be for the best as they have been most years. Just my opinion.
  • edited January 25
    Also fun fact.....YTD: SCHY -0.12% SCHD -3.53%
  • 2/16/22 SCHD - inflow alert

    "SCHD ETF (Symbol: SCHD) where we have detected an approximate $1.9 billion dollar inflow -- that's a 5.9% increase week over week in outstanding units (from 412,300,000 to 436,750,000). "

    SCHD ... a SPY substitute via SeekingAlpha Summary: "The SCHD mirrors the SPY's performance but with a higher yield."

  • Interesting how top 10 dividend ETFs by AUM ranked in Barron's this week.
    #1 was dividend-growth VIG, #2 current-dividend VYM, #3 dividend blend SCHD.
  • Re: reconstitution dates. The 1. IAD (Indicated Annual Dividend) and the 2. stock price used in the calculation of a company's dividend yield are the last business day of February. SCHD is reconstituted once per year. YTD: SCHY +2.47% SCHD -3.37%.
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