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Jason Zweig - Market Got You Worried? Write a D-Day Note

edited February 24 in Other Investing
Not a big Zweig fan. But this one’s pretty good - provided the link pulls it up. I’ve found I can sometimes access a complete article on the first try - but that repeated attempts often fail. Published in the Wall Street Journal February 19, 2022 (but extracted elsewhere for posting). Note: Contains some discussion of John Hussman and HSGFX.

“ Don’t look at me. … That’s just about every investor’s motto when something goes wrong. In the old days, you could blame your stockbroker or fund manager for losing your money. Now that your stockbroker is your phone and your fund manager is an index, it’s a lot harder to point your finger at somebody else.”


  • Makes sense. Too lazy to commit it to paper, is all. (Or computer.)
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