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Treasury I Bonds

Just bought $10K of Treasury I Bonds last week. My spouse now wants to buy $10K for her account but seems deadline passed. Seems there’s another auction in six months or so but wondering if I can buy more now or is buying period closed until later next Fall? Or is there another similar inflation-hedged Treasury bond available for purchase now? Thanks.


  • edited May 2022
    You can buy I-Bonds on any business day at Treasury Direct- there is no auction as such like TIPS. New higher rate will start tomorrow, May 2. Do watch the annual limit as the order screen doesn't.
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    There is no deadline for I-Bonds. Apr 29 was the last day to get a guaranteed 8.37% for the next 12 months. I-Bonds bought in May have rate visibility for the next 6 months but not for the 6 months after that. New rates can be computed in October 2022
  • Thanks for explaining.
  • You can buy them at any time - if you buy at the end of the month, you get interest for the entire month since the purchase date of record is always the first of the month.
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