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Bloodbath keep coming?!

edited May 19 in Other Investing

The first 17 mins summary every thing
More pains Blood baths
Maybe no where to hide
Perfect storms
Sp500 ~ 3200
So much suffering out there


  • edited May 19
    Futures have bounced off the overnight lows (SP500 3,856; Nasdaq 100 11,704). Click on chart icons in the links below.


    Nasdaq 100
  • edited May 19
    Yes sir..severe resistance sp500 3850..if break next onces lower levels ~ 3700

    They expect couple good days positive return next 24 48 hrs...Vix was off the chart couple days ago and we are very oversold imho

    Just if folks more scare ...more pressure selling

    Could be more downturns for couple more wks - month
  • "The real McCoy" many folks in the market today have never experienced a down draft schmeissing ala 08/09' and 2001 and in 1987?

    Something tells me they are about to get the "Full Monty" experience bigly....

    Good Luck to All and remember, he who panics first, panics best and is there really any shame getting off the sinking ship with the women and children?

    Baseball Fan

  • I've had more than a few folks raise their eyebrows when I tell them I'm eagerly looking to do icnremental controlled buys into massive downdrafts.

    I wonder how much of this swoon is amplified by ETFs and/or panic selling by the newbie pandemic investors...
  • Pulling up a chart of SPY and looking at volume, you don't see the types of selling that we saw in March of 2020. I'm watching for signs of people throwing in the towel.
  • edited May 19
    Add good yr tire bond 2033
    Ytm 8%
    Vanguard Msg: A buy order for $x000.00 of GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBR CO SR NOT in account ending in ...executed at $81.83. Reply STOP to cancel txt msgs
  • I'm betting that, as the Carpenters sang, "We've only just begun."
  • So far "An orderly market crash" a frog jumping into a boiling pot.

    At some point, likely very disorderly...
  • Notice that people are seeking safety by buying treasury now. BND is treading upward as the market fall this week.

    The sell off on Target and other retailers are shaking up the entire market. Target and Lowe were down double digit this week.
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