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Best, Free Mutual Fund Fund Screeners?

Does anyone have recommendations free mutual fund fund screeners? M* used to have a couple that I enjoyed using, but they seem to have moved these over to the Premium side or gotten rid of them altogether. I have some through my brokerages. Which ones would you recommend?


  • Mfo premium which costs less than 200$ is better than anything in the market one can get. It’s practically free.
  • 200$ is annual
  • Your library may have free access to MF premium from your device . I get this access via my local library
  • Man am I out of touch! While I am not debating the merits of MFO and the information provided and available since when did $200 become practically free? Sure inflation is upon us but holy crap.
  • edited March 2023
    I apologize. My instinct is to compare the amount I would invest vs the cost of research. That doesn’t have to be everyone’s metric. I find fidelity to be ok as well.
  • @Devo - not necessary to apologize. FWIW I agree with you re: invest-research-value. The free word smacks one in the face however.
  • Doesn't MFO have a great mutual fund screener?
  • I gorked out with my note above. What I meant was Morningstar with its screeners was available not MFO premium ,at my library.
  • we can always edit our posts
  • I find the M* screener rather stiff and has far fewer items to screen on than MFO
  • Without paying MFO Premium has one to use some of its feature. Paying the subscription opens up all the capabilities for comparison, especially on risk assessment. Portfolio Visualizer has a free but limited version depending on your needs.
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