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  • Sheesh!!! WHEN you buy, not WHAT you buy. This guy says he manages money for his clients. Does he get paid to write for Kiplinger?
  • I’ve been dollar-cost-averaging into DODGX via my employer's 401k since August 2009 and slowed down in May/June this year, and have been pleased with the results to-date (I plan to pick up again once we see the market drop a bit). I’ve been counter-balancing DODGX with another technology heavy large cap fund (JGIRX) in the same 401k, which seems to diversify the lg cap investment spread a bit more. In regards to DODGX, does anyone have concerns for the long-term performance of this fund? I’ve planning to hold and add more for the long-haul, but if there are red flags I should consider, I’d love to hear your take.
  • Just had a PTSD flashback to Ron Insana, a "journalist" who thought he could be an investment manager. FWIW, HERE is his firm's web site -- I have a feeling that mean-spirited folks might be tempted to call him "tweedledum," but of course I would refrain from doing so ... at least to his face ;-).

    As for his advice presented in the linked article, I think that it is ill-informed as I suspect that he is focusing on trailing returns which were awful mainly due to 2008. Sure, all 3 funds had poor results in that year, but DODGX and LLPFFX had good performance before 2008 and have done well since, and I would have no problem owning and adding to these funds. SLASX was a killer from 1994 to 2000, but has been a laggard in all other periods that I have studied.

  • Reply to @MoneyGrubber: Sir, don't get me started...not tonight anyway. I will post my take shortly, hopefully by weekend. Vintage and kevin will likely get a little impatient with me, but I'm actually a fan of Steve Goldberg, author of this disturbing article. Cause at the same time, I have been a long time champion of D&C, along with many, many others...but lately, I too have started to question whether D&C employs adequate risk control for, and perhaps demanded by, today's market and investors. More soon.
  • Reply to @Charles: "don't get me started ..." - I like that! (I might weigh in after you Charles ... then again, maybe not:-)
  • edited October 2012
    I'd have more respect for the writer if he'd compare apples and apples and tell ya what he's comparing. More than one reference to DODGX lagging the S&P or other U.S. indexes. Not fair! The fund has traditionally carried about 20% foreign stocks (as of 6-30-12 it stood at 18%). No doubt this has helped performance during good years and hurt during the bad. Not necessarily intended to be an endorsement of the fund but - geez - let's be fair here.

    - Source of data:
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    Reply to @hank: Part of my response is rooted in recent MFO thread about DODBX, which has about 75% of its portfolio is in same stocks as DODGX. But I have more thoughts, which I hope to post shortly.
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