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Funds up 2/13. Any?

edited February 14 in Fund Discussions
None of my MF'S in the green today. But 4 of my stocks were up and 3 of them are utilities. Maybe FUTY, FSUTX OR RYUTX might be something to look at for you MF investors.


  • VRIG and TFLO in the IRA. They were also the only funds in the green in my bond watch list. A handful more, including local favorite RPHYX, held steady, as did FFRHX.

    I take full responsibility for breaking the bond market when I ventured into FCFAX, THOPX, and FATRX earlier this month.

  • edited February 13
    These funds were up today

    TAKNX was flat
  • edited February 13
    HSGFX - Hussman is king for a day.

    Even MRFOX was down -0.74%.

  • edited February 13
    Red as far as the eye can see. I did open the day with a small position in SPDN which, of course, gained. But sold it later in the day. CVSIX is a good bond substitute. Only off .14% today. Probably my best performer aside from cash. Also opened small position in ARB today / a hedged event driven fund. Cash like returns. Only down .18%today. Consolation - the 3 funds I track for daily volatility did quite a bit worse than me today (AOK / ARBZX / PRSIX).

    PS I sold all 3 stocks I’d held this morning. 2 (consumer staples) were flirting with “green” off and on this morning. No idea where they closed. Don’t care!
  • No funds were up, but nice day to initiate a position in TCAF in our taxable account.

    Our Mastercard (MA) stock was up though. First bought in summer of 2020.
  • Was looking at my sector watch list, EVX was in the green. Been following it for a while.

    dinky linky
    EVX holds 30 waste management companies that it weights in 3 tiers. It allocates 10% of its portfolio to each of the 4 biggest companies by market cap, 2% to each of the 5 smallest, and splits the remaining 50% of its portfolio equally among the remaining issues. This causes the fund to tilt smaller than the market at large over 15% of its portfolio is in micro-caps, compared to 4% of our benchmark. The index is rebalanced and reconstituted on a quarterly basis.
  • edited February 13
    FCNVX, my favorite bond fund of the past year, dropped only 0.1%. USFR actually rose 0.03%, to be expected since it’s a floating rate fund.

    Although not a fund, General Electric, was up 1.14% on the day. Don’t ask me about its 5, 10 and 20 year returns.
  • Every single one of my mutual funds/ETFs was down today.
    Declines ranged from -0.21% for STIP to -3.55% for VTMSX.
  • @Tarwheel, GE recent returns have been great with the ongoing restructuring since 2018. The final spinoff of GE Power/Vernova will be soon. Then there will be 3 GEs - GE Aerospace/GE, GE Healthcare/GEHC and GE Vernova.

    Both FCNVX and USFR (Treasury FRNs) are in the ultra-ST bond fund category.
  • @yogibearbull - My wife’s grandfather gave her the GE stock more than 40 years ago. We sold portions over the years for down payments on two different homes. It then proceeded to lose much of its value, but my wife doesn’t want to sell it for sentimental reasons. Fortunately, it’s finally starting to rebound. The problem with selling it is that I have no idea how to figure the cost basis due to the uncertain acquisition date and reinvested dividends.
  • My best fund was RPHIX - flat.

    I own FSUTX in an IRA. Hoping it (the sector) will RTTM in the 2024.
  • No mutual or ETF funds made the cut but JFR, a floating rate CEF, did. 3 equity positions were also positive on the day.
  • Art
    edited February 14
    Utilities are 10% of portfolio so a rotation to this sector would be nice. Most utility stocks I own are positive for the last 3 months, negative for the last 12 months.Thankfully Tech and Industrials have kept things going in a positive direction.
  • Most limited duration bond etf's I own or follow were up.
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