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Looking for advise on Large Cap Equity Paying Dividend Fund

I'm looking at either HULIX, PRBLX, VEIPX, or VDIGX as a Large Cap Dividend Fund. Any recommendations or other funds I should be looking at in the Large Cap Equity? Thanks!


  • @carefree: Since dividends seem to be a priority in your post, look at VHDYX.
    M* Snapshot Of VHDYX:
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    Like so much, this depends on what you want the fund to do. If you want current income, VDIGX and PRBLX aren't for you. If you want a long term hold focusing on quality dividend growth for capital appreciation, they're both very good. Not really familiar with it, but HULIX costs too much to be an effective dividend oriented fund.

    The differences in construction between VIG/VDAIX and VYM/VHDYX or DVY are instructive. If what you want is high yield that opens up other doors.

    Edit: Also check out ted's link to the Jason Zweig article on dividend growth funds and how they might behave in different markets.
  • MAPOX. Large-cap "Moderate Allocation." The bonds on board are a big assist in the fund's ability to make quarterly dividends. Average Risk, with HIGH returns. Silver decoration from Morningstar. ...Or, if you can stand the higher volatility: DODBX. I own the former, not the latter. Yes, these funds do not hold equities ONLY.
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    I would suggest a global fund with a more multi-cap portfolio - TIBIX is an excellent choice. The management has many more high quality dividend paying choices if they can expand outside the U.S.

    edit: I spoke before reviewing. It is not multi-cap as I stated but LC, which fits the bill for what you are looking for. TIBIX has been on my watch list for a while but I don't own it. That's only because it has not been available in my 401k. I will soon be converting my 401k to an IRA and this fund likely will be part of my new portfolio.
  • That one does look fine. But $2M to get in.
  • To tell the truth, open-end equity mutual funds is the last place you want to look for yield. For that one needs to seek fixed-income vehicles.
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    Hi Crash ... Old_Skeet here:

    Look at the retail offering of TIBIX which is TIBAX which has a lower entry at $5,000 in a taxable account and $2,000 in an IRA. In addition, you might wish to look at SVAAX as it too boast a good yield at about 4.75% and pays out monthly.

    If you wish to look at some other type of funds that I call distribution funds and they do offer a good yield and pay out monthly then look at FKINX (about a five percent yield), IGPAX (about a six percent yield), AZNAX (Disburses a fixed rate at 8.75 cents per month for about a 8.2% distribution yield WITH Not All COMING from income and dividends as some is paid out from capital gains.) and finally PGBAX which pays out monthly and has a yield of about 4.75%. The yields I noted are based upon TTM and current valuation.

    I own all that I have noted above including TIBAX; and, you should do your own research to better determine if these funds that I noted might be right for you.

    Steady as she goes as I keep on keeping-on and staying my investment course.

    I wish all ... "Good Investing."

  • Carefree said:

    I'm looking at either HULIX, PRBLX, VEIPX, or VDIGX as a Large Cap Dividend Fund. Any recommendations or other funds I should be looking at in the Large Cap Equity? Thanks!

    Interesting question because should you be just looking for a LC dividend fund or perhaps a LC total return fund? I prefer mostly total return and low risk, so I own PRBLX, VEIPX, TIBIX but also SCHD.

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    Ugh. Front-load. Load, load, load. Load! Nope. VEIPX looks good, though. Except that its top 5 positions are in companies that suck. Good for shareholders, not for customers nor humans in general. Just about as bad as Comcast. And Comcast sucks my toe-jam. After that, it goes out in the street to suck germs off dead rats.
  • SCHD, little need to look beyond it.
    I am always touting PRBLX but it does not seem to be what you want, really. Why did you include it?
  • Crash, I didn't take the time to look at the high entry investment on TIBIX since I knew it wasn't available to me in my 401k. Might as well take it off my watch list (I wouldn't pay the load). Thanks for the feedback.

    Skeeter, thanks for the other suggestions. I'll take a look. I have owned PGDIX in the past, but sold it because I wasn't comfortable with the high percentage of junk bonds in the portfolio.
  • For anyone with a relationship at Fidelity, I would suggest the "load waved" moderate allocation fund HWIAX. It's investment objectives: the fund seeks high current income and long-term growth of income, as well as capital appreciation.

    It is a small, very under advertised fund but has begun to accumulate AUM since going "load waved" at Fidelity.

    The fund is managed using a "team" approach. The stock portion of the fund currently holds mega-cap high quality U.S. dividend payers and has an international component. The bond portion is high yield and is managed by Hotchkis and Wiley's credible high yield bond fund managers. The fund pays it's dividend monthly.

    I own and use this fund as part of my core holdings...and find that the bond portion of this fund matches up very nicely with other conservative or moderate allocation funds that hold higher quality bonds. Check out it's statics and you will see that it has been a very easy fund to own.
  • We use GSRLX (mostly domestic with 20% in MLPs) and TIBIX, or TIBAX (depending on the custodian, and more foreign than domestic) as core holds in many client accounts. If you want a foreign-only option, IVFIX is noteworthy. Each has a different buy/sell discipline. All have done well.
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